ACTION Leader of the Month: Olivia 

What do you love most about FITBuddies?

Miss Jen & Mr. Chris! 

What's your favorite music?

Black Pink & The Wiggles

These are a few of my favorite things…

Hiking, FITBuddies & going to my grandma's house.

What FITBuddies exercise move do you love most? 

Farmer's Walk.

Why are you proud to be a FITBuddies ACTION leader?

I do good work! 

How does spending time at FITBuddies make you feel?

Happy :) 

More from Olivia's dad and coaches!

All about Olivia!

As her coach, describe Olivia's growth that you've observed.

Coach Jen:

Prior to Covid, Olivia participated in our group sessions but we often had very little participation and the participation required lots of prompts, a volunteer by her side or holding her hand and lots of redirection. When we started back with outdoor training, Olivia did a 180 and was now miss independent. She has more energy, more enthusiasm and you can tell she is proud of her new independence. She completes the entire workout and almost entirely on her own; she loves being a leader now and demonstrating a movement or finishing a round first. We all love working with Olivia and look forward to seeing what the next year of growth brings her way.

Coach Chris:

Since we started training again after lockdown Olivia has been unstoppable! It’s like I’m working out with a different person. Before lockdown in 2020 Olivia was reluctant to try new or difficult moves, but all that seems long gone! Olivia is eager to learn new moves, and determined to make progress on the moves that are difficult for her. She has learned that as long as she tries the movement her coaches are happy to compromise on the number of reps. Olivia will also do “extra credit” reps if I’m taking too long to get the next move set up, I can’t stop her from moving!


What skills learned at FITBuddies does Olivia use in her daily life?


The most important thing is her social skills. We do FITBuddies so she can stay in shape, but her social skills are improving quite a bit, too.

As a parent, what goals have you observed being achieved through FITBuddies?


Being a little more independent, she doesn't have to be holding hands the whole time. She knows the routine now and she does it by herself.

What has Olivia demonstrated and achieved to be distinguished as this month's ACTION leader?


Coach Chris:

Olivia has achieved a level of physical fitness and mental toughness that has made her a force to be reckoned with. A good day at FiT Buddies for Olivia in the past would have been completing a single round of any of the workouts for the day; now, Olivia is completing EVERY round from ALL workouts of the day, doing extra reps AND asking to plank at the end, even if we are over time. She is a strong athlete and great role model, even when she’s being silly!

Coach Jen:

Olivia has been chosen as this month’s action leader for her newfound Independence. She is a confident leader and her training buddy’s number one cheerleader. Olivia has a great attitude even when asked to do movements she dislikes or that are hard for her. She is now not only willing to give things a try, but she tries by herself and responds to feedback appropriately.