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Open your Doors. . .

to a wider population, often over-looked.  Exand your clientele to include children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities and not only will you help improve their health but you will see the positive effect these individuals have on your organization.


Grow & Improve:

As health & wellness providers, you are aware that we improve by constantly growing and challenging ourselves. We pride ourselves in offering special needs programs that consistantly challenge the standards and help our participants continuously grow and improve.



Educate, Instruct, Build:

Educate your participants using the ACTION philosophy.  Learn how to instruct individuals with special needs so you are able to teach them the same exact things as everyone else.  Become an active part of research to continusously improve programs and services for a special population.


Join a Community:

Become a part of our community and support our mission to improve the health & wellness of a wider population.  Connect with volunteers, caregivers and other providers who can help grow and support your program.  As a part of our community, you will reap the benefits both individually and professionally.



How it works: 
  1. Attend a Workshop.  In order to affiliate, at least 1 member from your organization must attend a workshop first (please note, we offer group discounts for groups of 3 or more)

  2. Pay $500 yearly affiliate fee

  3. Receive marketing materials, program highlighted on our site, and receive ongoing support via our membership program (included in affiliate fee)



Affiliate Benefits: 
  1. Become a part of a larger network working together to improve chronic conditions wellness programs, participate in research and improve everyday health

  2. Access to ongoing support, continuing education classes, staff support and facility integration tips and tools

  3. Marketing and referrals.  Our #1 goal is to help grow your program.  We will accomplish this a number of ways including your program information on our website, use of our logo and other BIA materials, and social media announcements




How it works: 
  1. Learn the ACTION philosophy and train your staff with the basic tips and tools for interacting and supervising individuals with disabilties

  2. ​All staff becomes a BIA member providing them with ongoing tips

  3. We will list your organization on our website as a BIA approved facility

  4. Onsite training available for an additional cost


ACTION Facility Benefits: 
  1. Marketing on our website and via partner sites (BIA affiliates near you may also market your programs)

  2. Participation in BIA events and ongoing challenges

  3. Opportunity to host BIA events, workshops and continuing education lectures

  4. Partnership with like-minded organizations that will help with referrals and building a customer base.

  5. Onsite training and consulting available for your facility

  6. Open your doors to a wider population often overlooked! 



Do you offer exercise and wellness classes for kids or adults?  Do you have individuals with disabilities attending or would you like to include individuals with disabilities into your classes or facility?  Educate your staff, broaden your clientele and become a part of the BIA community.  We believe that together we can create more awareness and offer more professional wellness resources for individuals with special abilities and their families.  

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