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Carly's Story

A lover of health, fitness and wellness, connecting with humans of all kinds (and dogs), Carly’s passion for general wellness and genuine human connection fueled her transition from entertainment, having graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Television, Radio and Film, to fitness for people of ALL abilities. Carly started with BuddiesInACTION in 2019 and recently became certified as a personal trainer, expanding her teaching umbrella from mental wellbeing to physical health as well. 

Carly's younger brother at age five drew each family member performing their favorite activity — her 2006 stick figure depicted running and talking on the phone has remained an accurate representation of her essence 15 years later. Whether it's running along the beach or running to see friends (although these days, FaceTime is a welcome alternative), Carly gets her joy from being outside in nature and feeding off the energy of all those around her. Last year, she picked up rock climbing as a new hobby and picked up a stray dog on a hike as well, Luna, that can be found by her side, typically licking her, at all times — Luna doubles as the Monday groups' mascot. With roots and family back in Central PA, Carly can't wait to get back to traveling to see her family and venturing the world, a wanderlust soul indeed! Family is most important to Carly, and she feels so grateful to be a part of the BuddiesInACTION family!

Self Care with Carly

Expanding upon our Mindfulness Monday class, we are excited to introduce 1:1 sessions with Carly addressing emotional, physical, behavioral and mental health. Just like our 1:1 workouts, these sessions are based on the unique goals of each participant (and/or the parents) with an emphasis around individualized self care. From managing moods/behaviors to implementing daily habits to improve your mental health and happiness, the focus is on learning to independently take care of your WHOLE self!

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