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BuddiesInACTION is proud to partner with A Healthy Billion, a community initiative to improve the health​ & wellness of individuals with chronic the billions.  A Healthy Billion commits to making a healthy difference in 3 ways including movement, time and money.  All who work for and with BuddiesInACTION are encouraged to join A Healthy Billion movement and we would love for you to become a part of the community initiative as well.



Walk with us.  Join A Healthy Billion challenge and run, walk, bike or swim with us.  The goal, as a community, is to walk 1 Billion steps. After signing up, you will be placed on a team with one of our Ambassadors. Every step you track helps earns health & wellness services for your Ambassador.


To join the challenge, take the Vidapost pledge and register for $35. You will then be placed on a team based on location (or email us if there is a specific team you would like to join).  Track your steps daily or occasionally and stay tuneds for walk/runs hosted by BuddiesInACTION.  



At BuddiesInACTION, we commit 10% of our time to services that support individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.  Our first program is a leadership program, called our Ambassador program allowing adults an opportunity to lead others in a healthy, motivating way.


Interested in supporting our Ambassadors? Send a message to one of our Ambassadors cheering them on, encouraging them to walk/move today or thanking them for their support.  To see our list of Ambassadors click here and to email an Ambassador, click here.



At BuddiesInACTION, we contribute 10% of our revenue to A Healthy Billion, supporting health & wellness scholarship funds as well as other broader community initiatives improving the everyday health of those with chronic conditions.


To make a donation to A Healthy Billion, click here.  Please note, A Healthy Billion is in the process of establishing a non-profit so currently your donations are not tax deductible but 100% of proceeds go towards supporting health & wellness programs for those with chronic conditions.  Learn more here

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