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There are a variety of ways to become a part of the BuddiesInACTION community. As a member, gain access to ongoing learning opportunities, discounts and referrals. Learn our philosophy and how to implement

a BIA program at our workshops. Become an affiliate

and offer programs to a wider population. Our number one goal is increasing access to health & wellness 

services for individuals with intellectual disabilities, so please contact us with questions, sponsorship 

opportunities or partnerships.

BIA Trainers
BIA Gyms

Join our group class FitBuddies, currently offered in 4 locations in the SF Bay Area for teens and adults. Our classes focus on all aspects of general fitness with an emphasis on body awareness and proper movement techniques.


We also offer 1:1 training for ages 13+ at select locations. Interested in bringing the program to your area? Please contact us for more information. Click Here.

Learn the BuddiesInACTION mission and philosophy and how to teach and instruct individuals of all abilities. Instructors learn how to work with individuals with Autism, Down Syndrome and related conditions and how to foster an inclusive environment.


Please contact if interested in becoming a BIA Trainer or Aide.

Host a BuddiesInACTION's program in your gym and open your doors to a wider population. As a BuddiesInACTION gym, you will become part of a community working together to improve the health & wellness of individuals with intellectual disabilities.  


Expand your community,
help us expand our inclusive programs and get involved in ongoing community initiatives. Click Here to check out our current BIA Gyms.



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