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Basic Workshop

Who is it for? 

BIA members, parents,coaches,caregivers, teacher and anyone else interested!


What is the overall goal?  

The overall goal of the intro workshop is to bring together a community of people to network and learn from each other as well as learn together.  You will:

  • enhance your knowledge of the BuddiesInACTION mission and philosophy.

  • learn practical knowledge and skills tailored to you whether you are a community member, caregiver, health professional, teacher or interested in volunteering. 

  • learn about this special population and the need for health and wellness services

  • learn how to become more inclusive and improve everyone’s health.


How Long is it? 

1 full day


What topics will be covered? 

  • Learn the ACTION philosophy and mission and tips on how to incorporate it into your setting.

  • Learn tips and simple ways to improve health and wellness in the lives of individuals with special needs.

  • Be connected to a community of people working towards the same goals, which will allow each other to network and learn from one another.

  • Learn practical skills and information about working with individuals with disabilities 

  • Be trained to volunteer for one of our affiliate programs

  • Learn more about becoming an affiliate and the possibility of starting your own BuddiesInAction program.

Attend a Workshop...

Enhance your knowledge by attending one of our workshops as well as get connected with others interested in improving health and wellness for individuals with disabilities.


We have a basic workshop open to anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge, learn the basics of BuddiesInaction and how implement health & wellness initiatives for a special population. 


Our affiliate workshop is tailored to those who are becoming affiliates and plan on implementing specific buddiesInACTION programs in their setting.  



Affiliate Workshop

Who is it for? 

BIA affiliates (all affiliates must attend affiliate workshop) An affiliate can send several trainers from their facility for a discounted rate. 


What is the overall goal?  

The overall goal is to make you successful in whatever program you choose to run under BuddiesInAction.  Our goal is to educate and support you as well as give you practical hands-on experience that will enhance your ability to provide much needed health and wellness services to a often time over looked population of people.


How Long is it? 

2 days- Includes the 1st day Basic workshop and a second day tailored to hands on programming.


What topics will be covered? 

  • All the information included in the basic workshop 

  • Basic assessment procedure

  • Specifics on programming

  • Training on working one on one with individuals with disabilities

  • Training on working with a group of individuals with disabilities

  • How to handle difficult situations

  • How to work with caregivers and volunteers


What are the benefits? 

By the end of the workshop you should feel confident in starting to work with individuals with disabilities in a one on one atmosphere as well as a group setting if desired.  You will have widened your knowledge and be equipped to work with this special population.

**Private workshops

   We are able to host private workshops for your trainers or staff.  Please contact us for additional information.

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